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Vacation Rental & Retreat


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The understanding and respect for the natural environment is at the core of our ethos here at  Na Sook. 

Through our environmental practices, we hope to create a bridge between our visiting guests and the original plant habitats of this piece of land, along with all the other wildlife and animals that depend on the preservation of our environment.


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Within the property, we have large preserved natural area of land that has not been trampled as a part of our ethos. The natural forest that we have preserved houses an enormous variety of local medicinal plants as well as local tropical fruits such as coconuts, pineapple, mango, banana and cashew trees, and over 100 different species of plants. We have created a small footpath through providing useful information along the way, ideal for walking meditation or merely for a botanical stroll to enjoy its’ natural beauty.


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Our waste management schemes includes recycling of all rubbish produced within the hotel grounds. Compost bins are provided in every villa which we then utilise in our gardens. 


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We grow a variety of edible plants here at Na Sook, utilizing our compost in order to grow local fruit, vegetables, and herbs all organically. These produce often end up in our kitchens.

We also offer our visitors that are interested to take a guided tour around the property to see our process and to learn about the local edible plants. They can also pick herbs, fruits, and vegetables straight from our garden!